Building Your Empire And Estate On Mobile Via The Simcity Buildit Game


There are times when you venture into something expecting it to be a damp squib or awful and return pleasantly surprised. Sometimes, when you are looking for rubbish or empty bowl in sheer hopelessness, mere dross can make you feel like you have taken a big step, at times a big leap. Such is the case with the latest Simcity Buildit, EA’s current project to mold every 90’s gaming adherents and franchises into free-to-play cash domains or mills. As you can obviously expect from such a drastic transformation and metamorphosis, the mechanics and mechanisms have all changed substantially. Instead of painting on zones, special buildings and roads, the game allocates factory and housing plots to you.

You start out with a handful of residential zones. These are where the Sim population builds their homes. You don’t have to pay for these units or for the roads. However, you can’t make more placements until you have earned the blocks by leveling up. Industrial plots come next in line and follow soon after. There are rather common workplaces for the populace. However, they actually create stuff. You can segregate and allocate each for making a mixture of plastic, wood and iron.

You also have shops where you can strew about or deal with the burgeoning metropolis. The shops generate stuff like raw materials and more tools. As your city develops and grows in time and space, you’ll require more and more of this stuff to upgrade your plots to the oncoming levels. As the level increases, you can acquire more tax for purchasing more items. It also includes ad infinitum. Simcity Buildit entails a simplistic mode, which can be a poor basis or foundation for an interesting and instinctive game. Nevertheless, it does complement mobile very well. It’s easier to pick up, tilt and drop the city blocks on the concerned touch screen rather than on the paint zones. The game stops you from an explosive expansion and by doing so; it causes you to concentrate solely on your city in streamlined and bite-sized scales, pieces.

It comes as great news and luck that Simcity Buildit has retained a couple of more challenging and gripping elements of the original PC. The game still retails the same real-world desires and wants. This factor affects property rates and invariably the tax take. If you dump your buildings next to a poorly maintained, polluting factory, there will be new people who’d strive to live there. The easy answer and scope of spacing your metropolitan blocks, however leads to more problems. Businesses and homes want easier access to public services like schools, hospitals and fire stations. Normally everyone knows these things but utilizing these small simcity hack at the right way will matter the most as far as your city population concerns.

Finding the ideal layout, conceptualizing the plan and executing them accordingly to keep your populace happy is your lookout. It isn’t easy to do this and boost your income and population simultaneously. With the fun quotient kept intact by light and catchy strategy elements, Simcity Buildit thrives on its ever-present and somewhat feel good appeal. That’s a ubiquitous aspect of the entire series.